I AM no stranger to work terminations, broken hearts, evictions, a sick child etc. My faith has been tried, tested to be proven true on numerous occasions. Moments stuck in a situation like a fly caught in a tarantula’s web. LIFE, extremely full of quizzes, that you’d think reality would give you advance notification on how to handle it all. There is something that I learned for sure, that my mistakes brought about a certainty that God loves who he chastens.

I know, I know, I know; another blogger in her feelings about something. Okay, you got me red “typing.” I just thought I’d let you in on some “thangs.” One, that over time I began to view my connection with religion, residuals, and residents on a whole different level. I had to remember that I was in control of my destiny, that life pretty much was a found treasure map, and accomplishments (happiness, goodness) were just some of the rewards located inside of the treasure chest.

Ah! Look here, “X” marks the spot. Found it! “I’ll have a Whopper, with cheese, no tomatoes, cut in half…” We (you and I) really need to work on finding joy in some of the simplest things (positive) we do, people we encounter, words we say, and places we tarry. I’m just sayin’. Thank you! for reading thus far, and trying to figure out the purpose of this blog too. Until then, do me favor take care of you.

I declare.


Hark Who Goes There…


Sexual Harassment is the New Wrong

They’re losing their jobs, their positions, their minds and public profile respect for a piece of ass. No more Mr. Right! Yes, high prolific individuals that hold down corporations are distinctively putting a twist to the ole’ “Open door policy.”

First, let me apologize for commenting “23” years later, but I had to gather my thoughts and strength. Especially when the world is still uncalm about the caveMAN hitting caveWOMAN across the head, and having his way with her. We were supposed to have adapted and overcome this way of life, but…

Oh my! what big arms you have. The latest cray-cray. Millions plus millions of victims voice that sexual harassment is no laughing matter. At a time when the world was so comfortable with “blurting out” their sexual preference, victims were completely silenced about coming forth and talking about sexual harassment. Facing the world and dealing with such traumatic incline, even when it boils down to becoming an isolated soloist. A true and improved treacherous way of living. These “coochie” carnivores have become multi-platinum smart, smooth and sneaky.

Flashback: “Sex Sales,” has upgraded to a disrespectful apogee. Believe the hype baby!

Reality Check: “We gotta use what we got, to get what we want…”  This shit goes both ways, so don’t get it twisted. I read an interesting article closely related, maybe separated at birth about it – https://doi.org/10.1080/03007766.2014.929321

Fly on the Wall: At that very moment, when faced with the biggest decision to “live long and prosper,” or live normal “9 to 5’s.” While the wounds were fresh, you should have reported the incident, and had the “mutherfucker” arrested. End to countless victims, and dignity on the rise.

I declare.